Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Handiham World Podcast for 18 September 2013

Was Radio Camp was too short this year?

We think so, and some of you do, too. We take surveys to find out what people think, and one thing that came to the fore this year after the July Radio Camp session was that although camp was fun and campers really enjoyed the competitive get-on-the-air contest, there was just not enough time to spend getting everything done. Some campers felt that the session needed to be longer to make travel from out of state worthwhile.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Handiham World Podcast for 04 September 2013

Long ago I had a part-time job fixing consumer electronics at a small, independent retail store.  Bill, the store's owner, did a big business in TV sets and appliances like washing machines and refrigerators.  In those days, TV sets were 100% analog and were failure-prone because of the less sophisticated design and assembly processes of the day, the use of high-voltage at the CRT (picture tube), and the limitations of vacuum tube and semiconductors of the day.  So Bill pretty much had to have a "service department" to repair the TV sets that he sold as well as sets that he hadn't sold but that might need repair or (hopefully) replacement with a new set.

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