Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Handiham World for 23 January 2008

In this issue you will find:Handi ham microphone logo

  • Spammers target list servers
  • I get an EchoLink node running!
  • Trojan virus targets Jaws users
  • Avery's QTH: Do the math!
  • Digital modes website with attitude!
  • TalkSafe Box allows hands-free operation for hams with disabilities
  • Elmer and the Hazer
  • At headquarters:
    • QST audio digest but no WR
    • Camp Costanoan registration ends
  • Links to resources:
    • Communications reference website has a bazillion frequencies
    • AT tips from NFB
...and lots of other stuff. Tune in today!

Greetings from my work-at-home office and ham shack.

cartoon guy shaking fist at dead computerWell, well, well. Here we are once again with another spate of Internet Trojan activity and unsolicited e-mail bombarding our Handiham servers. It seems like these things come in bursts, with intervals of relatively little problem e-mail and then absolute torrents of garbage. Alas, we have entered one of the "garbage" periods right now, and I am having to spend more time administrating the lists to prevent unsolicited e-mail from being sent to our subscribers.

I did want to take a few minutes to let you know that we are not sending out unsolicited e-mail (spam), but that does not mean that you are perfectly safe opening every message that appears to come from a list or user that you normally trust. The reason is that unscrupulous spammers forge e-mail addresses to make their mail look like something that an unsuspecting user should trust. Don't open e-mails with file attachments unless you are expecting a specific e-mail with a known file attachment and have made arrangements to get it at a specific time. Even then, you should always save a file attachment and check it with your virus scanner prior to opening it. An e-mail that looks like it came from a friend but has a file attachment that you didn't expect should always be suspect!