Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Handiham World for 09 July 2008

Welcome to Handiham World!

Hopefully everyone is getting their issue of Handiham World this week. We are offering a couple of alternatives for delivery. For a number of years, we have had a "handiham" group on Yahoo. Although this requires a Yahoo login, it is a good way to get delivery of our Wednesday newsletter. I have decided to make sure that we keep the Yahoo Groups mailer up-to-date each Wednesday. It is up to users to maintain and administer their own Yahoo Group settings. Go to Yahoo Groups, find the search field, and type in the word handiham. You should find the list pretty quickly. Note that the name of the list is simply "handiham", not "handihamstudy".

Not everyone will be interested in joining Yahoo in order to get the weekly newsletter. In that case, you will want to stick with our standard delivery system. Yes, I know... it has been a real mess over the past few weeks and technical support from our service provider has still not untangled the problem completely. That is why we are looking at moving the Mailer once again to a different provider, one that specializes in mailing lists and that has been used successfully by another amateur radio group, TIPSnet. The name of the service is, and we think it will provide consistent, reliable service while providing the ability of users to adjust their own settings. Believe me, I am certainly anxious to put all of these mailing lists problems behind me so that I can concentrate on providing better content for the newsletter as well as improving the quality of our Friday audio lecture series. I have a request in to the Freelists administrator.

And speaking of the Friday audio lecture series, I was informed by a couple of members that some of the Technician class audio was actually missing! When I checked it, I found that beginning with lecture 47 all of the audio was missing from the server. This apparently occurred because our file transfer session when changing servers was interrupted. I have corrected this problem, thanks to alert handiham members who informed me.

NM1K QSL cardNow, back to our vintage QSL card series. Today we have a card from Rusty, NM1K. Guess what? I'll bet you can still get one of these cards from Rusty, who sends out many NTS birthday messages to handiham members and friends. Work Rusty on the air and QSL to get one of these beauties. Thanks, of course, to Rusty for all of his good work with NTS, the National Traffic System.

We will bet that you have vintage QSL cards, too. If you can send a scan or photo of your vintage QSL cards, we will feature them here. What the heck - the HF bands are still pretty poor, so we might as well keep ourselves busy with vintage cards! Please send the images to along with a few words, if you wish, explaining the card or perhaps recalling those days when you were sending lots of these out. We will also feature your comments and callsign in the story.

Patrick Tice
Handiham Manager