Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Handiham World for 25 August 2010

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Telling the story: Mike Runholt, KC0YFV, on ARRL website

Mike, KC0YFV, and Bill, N0CIC, take down a wire antenna following Radio Camp at Courage North.

Photo: Mike, KC0YFV, left, and Bill, N0CIC, take down one of the wire antennas following a memorable radio camp session at Courage North. This radio camp was the last of a long run of week-long camp sessions at the Courage North location. In 2010, the radio camp session moved to Camp Courage, about 40 miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Courage Center owns both camps. The Handiham System headquarters is at Camp Courage.

Mike Runholt, KC0YFV, has written an excellent article about the Handiham System and Radio Camp. It appears this week on the ARRL website. You can reach Mike at his callsign at if you wish to comment on the story.

"The pontoon slowly motors around the lake. A group of hams gathers around the radio. “CQ, CQ 80 meters this is W0EQO, KC0YFV at the mike, maritime mobiling from Courage North in Lake George, Minnesota, over.” So begins a typical contact at the Handiham Radio Camp sponsored by the Courage Handiham System, a program of the Courage Center. You have probably seen our quarterly ad in QST and wondered what we do."

Read the entire story on the improved and newly-redesigned ARRL website.

Our thanks to Mike for telling the Handiham story so well. Good work, Mike! And, hey, Bill, you look good in that photo, too. Are you the wire tangler or the wire untangler?


Patrick Tice, WA0TDA
Handiham Manager