Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Handiham World Podcast for 21 August 2013

The fact that I can type this story out on a keyboard is due only to the sheer luck of good timing. 

In my early days as a young and clueless guy in  my 20's, I had rented a house with a yard and put up a used tower to support my 2-element Gotham quad antenna.  The antenna had been on a tower at my parents' house, and I had managed to disassemble it and get it down to the new location. As most of us know, when you have just started out on your own you have a very tight budget, and at that time I felt pretty lucky to be able to have a multiband transceiver and an antenna. At that stage of life there is no alternative but to watch every penny. I'd built the radio, a Heath HW-101, from a kit. The Gotham quad was just plain downright cheap, made with the lightest, cheapest aluminum alloy, wooden dowels, and cheesy plastic standoffs for the thin single-conductor aluminum wire elements. It covered 10, 15, and 20 meters, though - three bands that I liked using almost every day.  (This was pre-internet, of course.)

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