Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Handiham World Weekly E-Letter for the week of Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Radio Camp begins late this week!

Keying the rig with a Bencher paddle.

Image:  Keying the TS-590S with a Bencher paddle.

This week we have a short edition of Handiham World due to our busy schedule during the run up to 2014 Radio Camp.  Campers will arrive this coming Saturday, August 16, and camp will continue through the week, with our VE session on Friday and campers departing on Saturday, August 23.  During Radio Camp we will try to make as many contacts on HF and through the camp repeater, W0EQO-R, as possible.  W0EQO-R is connected to the Handiham conference at node 494492, or *HANDIHAM*.  We will also be on IRLP 9008.  We hope to help our campers get some VHF net control experience as well as some quality time on the HF bands.  Many Handiham members have limited space or no space at all for HF antennas, so operating at camp with some efficient wire antennas set up Field Day style will be quite a treat.  We also have a triband beam on a 50 foot tower.
Camp week is really a busy time for us, and I know from experience that no matter how much I try to make time for a weekly e-letter, I just will not have time to get it done.  So beginning next week, the e-letter is taking two weeks off.  It will return the first week of September, then take the second week in September off.  The e-letter sounds like kind of a slacker with all that time off, but remember that we publish most weeks, month after month, with very few breaks.  Camp takes so many hours of preparation and time during camp week that these breaks are necessary to balance things out.