Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Handiham Weekly E-letter for August 17 2005

Greetings, everyone!

In this edition you will find:

* Radio Camp schedule
* Avery wonders if Hamfests are obsolete
* A new talking multimeter
* KZ2G publishes his autobiography
* New ARES E-Letter released by ARRL
* We plan a live radio show on the W0KIE satellite network

The main hall at Courage NorthThe big news this week is really next week's news, which is that we will be at Handiham Minnesota Radio Camp. Avery, K0HLA, will be stuck in the office while Jerry, N0VOE, and I get to enjoy ham radio with our campers for a week at Courage North, deep in the pines of Minnesota's lake country. Poor Avery; boo-hoo! Nancy will also be available help our members who call headquarters through the week. We may or may not get an e-letter out, depending on the time available at camp. But you can keep checking, which we promise to update regularly.

We can be reached at camp via And be sure to read further for more about camp activities.

Patrick Tice
Handiham Manager