Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Handiham World for 04 June 2008

Welcome to Handiham World!

The antennas at Courage Center, with flowering crab trees in the foreground.
Picture: As you arrive at Handiham Headquarters, you see the flowering crab trees, and then you look up and spot our antennas. It's a beautiful sight to ham radio operators, and the flowering crab trees aren't bad, either.

The big news again this week continues to be our complete changeover to a new web server. Phil, K9HI, is working with me and Phil, N1XTB on making the transfer.

  • This week I had a few members who do not keep up with their reading of the weekly e-letter ask me why they couldn't log on to the old members only section. Of course we have been talking about this change for months, so it's important to read the news at least once in awhile!

  • If I have not manually entered your callsign into the new server, your login will not work. You can use the "Create New Account" link, and enter your HAM RADIO CALL SIGN and email address that you have already registered with us when you joined Handihams. Your request for a password will be reviewed and your callsign or email address will be checked against the ones you already entered in our database.