Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Courage Kenny Handiham World Weekly E-Letter for the week of Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Our grateful thanks to DARA and Hamvention® for their generous support and for all of their time and effort in making this gathering of Amateur Radio operators possible.  It's a community that comes together at Dayton because DARA makes it possible, and there is strength and purpose in community.  This year's "makers" theme cultivates the creativity and initiative we need to move the art and science of radio forward.  Thank you, DARA!

The brains behind the Handiham booth effort were those of volunteer John Hoenshell, N0BFJ.  John and his daughter Kathy, KA0YDQ, volunteered at the booth, and John managed the planning and execution of the entire booth and lodging process.  Kathy had volunteered at the booth in 2012, too.
We'll see how the numbers come out, but my sense is that this year's show was bigger than the last one.  In our part of the HARA complex the aisles were packed from time to time as a cold rain and even a passing sleet storm drove attendees indoors.  Nonetheless, there were definitely more spaces filled in the outdoor flea market than last year and inside it sure seemed like business was booming.  This was the first year in recent memory when we were so busy at the booth that I wasn't able to attend a single seminar.  ARRL was celebrating 100 years, so several trips to the ARRL area were in order.  I bought a new ARRL Antenna Book, thinking it just might be time for an update.  My old Antenna Book was a 1982 model.  No sense rushing into things, right?