Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Handiham World for 14 May 2008

Welcome to Handiham World!

Handihams at Dayton Hamvention 2007 - Pat peeking over displayPhoto: Here I am, peeking over the top of the 2007 display at the Handiham booth during HAMVENTION®.

This will be a shorter edition of your Handiham World, since we are preparing to depart for Dayton. Visit Courage Center's Handiham System while you are at HAMVENTION®. We will be at booth number 332-C, where our display will include a voice-controlled Icom IC-706M2G with audio feedback. This system, called command & control, allows a blind user who also has very limited muscle control, to operate the transceiver, changing frequencies, modes, and other functions entirely by voice. The system then tells the user what it has done. The same headset microphone that controls the system by command is also used to modulate the rig. It's really a pretty cool deal, thanks to developers Lyle, K0LR, and Steve, WB5KIA.

Portable Radios - Ready for Ham Radio Emergency Communications

I was impressed with the portability of this ham radio emergency communications system. This photo was from Dayton HAMVENTION 2005, but similar exhibits have been at the 2006 and 2007 shows. I expect to see them again, with improvements, at this year's show.

The system covers VHF and HF bands, and is housed in an orange plastic box that allows the user to quickly deploy in an emergency, rather than having to gather up radios, connectors, and assorted parts when time is of the essence. The plastic box can be closed to keep out rain. The orange color is highly visible.

It's one of many good ideas that you can learn about when you visit Dayton, so we hope to see you there.

Patrick Tice
Handiham Manager