Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Courage Kenny Handiham World for 05 March 2014

Early morning HF conditions bring opportunities on 75 meters

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Icom IC-7200 tuned to 3.925 MHz
If you have an opportunity, check the 75 meter band before sunrise any day this week.  We are nearing the Spring Equinox, and conditions for making contacts far and wide on 75 will never be better.  This morning Radio Nikkei 1, a 50 kW shortwave broadcast station, was booming into Minnesota on 3.925 MHz, all the way from Japan. I asked my son Will, KC0LJL, to confirm that what I was hearing was Japanese, and he was able to do so.  Will has lived in Japan and speaks Japanese. 
Why does a signal travel halfway around the world on a band that usually only serves up regional contacts within a few hundred miles?