Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Handiham World for 21 June 2007

40 years of the Courage Handiham SystemIn this issue you will find:

  • Daily EchoLink net time change in July
  • Avery's QTH: Avery tells a funny
  • Hams with Special Needs Getting RadioACTIVE
  • Wanted: Early adopters!
  • July audio is posted
  • Open General - study quick - this pool is gonna go any second now!
  • Elmer goofs off (again)
  • Link to an active Field Day plan
  • Eat like a radio camper, Yum, Yum.
...and lots of other stuff. Tune in today!

Greetings from Handiham headquarters!

Happy summer solstice to all of you in the Northern Hemisphere, and happy Winter to everyone south of the equator. I have always wondered how one decides whether it is summer or winter when one lives exactly on the equator! You are not imagining things - your weekly e-letter is really a day late. That's because we were at Courage North yesterday, and just didn't have time to put the edition together. Or maybe we were just waiting for summer to arrive!